Nutritional medicine looks at the provision of essential nutrients that enable the body to support life, health and development. Many common health problems can be prevented, managed and improved with a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, our relationship with food is individual, emotive and often far from scientific, therefore a holistic approach tailored to each client achieves better results more quickly.



Evidence-based nutrition


Without doubt, good health cannot be achieved or maintained without proper nutrition. Chronic degenerative disease is increasing throughout all populations as it is closely related to our diet and state of mind. Emerging evidence points to nutrition as the key environmental determinant of disease and accelerated ageing due to profound effects on our genes.


Illness can arise from biochemical nutritional failure. I prescribe dietary advice based on current evidence and continuously update my knowledge and standards through post graduate university studies in nutrition science and public health. Most treatment can be achieved through diet, however I also prescribe highest quality practitioner supplements when necessary.






Nutritional goals


Nutritional counseling is also essential in certain stages of life. For instance, the importance of key nutrients such as iron, iodine, zinc and calcium for young children who often are lacking in these important nutrients. Or the importance of increased protein and calcium in the elderly, or correct amount of nutrients required throughout pregnancy and lactation. These are but a few examples of how each life-stage has particular needs to promote great health and prevent disease onset. ​




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