What is involved?


Initial consultation usually takes one and a half hours, less for acute complaints or repeat follow-up appointments. A thorough interview proceeds by investigating all levels of your complaints. Questions pertain to diet, sleep, lifestyle, mental and emotional aspects, history, and of course the symptoms being experienced. Treatment involves prescription of the most suitable homeopathic remedy which reflects the majority of your symptoms and individual characteristics. Dietary and lifestyle changes, supplementation and support will also be offered when necessary. 


Can I take a homeopathic remedy along with prescription drugs? ​ 

Yes, homeopathic remedy can be taken with prescription drugs without danger of interaction. Often, as treatment progresses, your need for conventional medication may lessen. However, you should always discuss coming off conventional medication with your GP.







Initial Consultation: 1.5-2 hours = $150.oo ​
Follow-Up Consultations: 30 mins-1 hour = $60.oo - $90.oo ​
Brief phone consultations (injuries, colds, acute illness, etc)= $50.oo 

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for heavy metal testing = $225.oo​ 

​​​All consultations include homeopathic remedy. Family discounts available.


Private health rebates available ​for clients with extras cover.


EFTPOS available.











I value a holistic approach to health and well-being with an emphasis on individualised treatment and advocacy of reliable, safe and evidence-based therapies. I provide a safe and caring environment in which clients are treated with respect, empathy and discretion. ​



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