What's Involved

Initial consultation usually takes one and a half hours, less for acute complaints or repeat follow-up appointments. A thorough interview proceeds by investigating all levels of your complaints. Questions pertain to diet, sleep, lifestyle, mental and emotional aspects, history, and of course the symptoms being experienced. The most suitable homeopathic medicine will reflect your overall picture along with individual characteristics. Dietary and lifestyle changes, supplementation and support will also be offered when necessary. A truly person-centred approach to health.

Can I take a homeopathic remedy along with prescription drugs? ‚Äč 

Yes, homeopathic medicines can be taken alongside prescription drugs without danger of interaction due to the ultramolecular nature of the homeopathic medicine. Often, as health improves, the need for conventional medication may lessen. However, always discuss coming off conventional medication with your doctor.

Homeopathic Research

Homeopathy research, although in its infancy when compared with conventional biomedicine, is an active and growing field worldwide. The Homeopathic Research Institute is a great resource via the CORE-Hom Database. Over 1,000 clinical trials on homeopathy have now been published - ranging from randomised control trials to observational studies.

Skeptics argue that homeopathy is nothing more than a placebo, yet a recent robust meta-analysis (Mathie, et al., 2014) show that when homeopathic medicine as prescribed during individualised treatment, is up to 2.0 times more likely to have a beneficial effect than placebo.

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